Volume & Issue: Volume 13, Issue 3, August 2023 
Implementation of WHO Fetal growth charts in Assiut, Egypt Hany Abdelaleem

Pages 249-263

Hany Abdelaleem; Dina Habib; Mostafa Hussein; Sherif Badran; Mina Ishak; Mahmoud Abdelaleem

Influence of Disordered Eating on Serum Nesfatin, Female Reproduction, and Metabolic Feature in Patients With Diabetes

Pages 280-288

Nermin Rashad; Dina Ahmed Seleem; Waleed Elnajar; Maha Fathy; Dina Issa; Sameh Soliman

Attitude of Egyptian Pregnant Women to Covid-19 Vaccination

Pages 298-302

Bassiony Dabian; Mostafa Abdelgalil; Mohamed Hamza